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Our solution greatly reduces the administrative burden and cost of participating in Quality Payment Programs, like MIPS and CPC+. 

Clinicians focus on caring for patients, while the Advisory Solution aggregates, analyzes, and tracks quality performance to maximize quality payment adjustments. 

Partnering with you for all your quality reporting and value-based program needs

Our MIPS Dashboard will position your practice to earn a bonus

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Foresight Analytics:

Pinpoints where to focus your resources.  Foresight modeling helps identify key factors that may need attention, with patient call lists, gap lists, and provider specific and group aggregate dashboards.

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Select Benefits:

•  Protect against 5-9% penalty

•  Get back your TIME

•  Provide workflow tools

•  Load data regularly throughout the reporting period

•  Cloud-based dashboards provide on-demand access to outcomes/progress

•  Build framework to improve documentation of quality indicators, in prep for all-payer participation in 2019

•  Gain access to consulting expert that will guide your progress and improvements

•  Data analytics – monitor composite score development for group and individuals

•  Identify gaps in quality measure documentation at the measure and patient level; provide an opportunity to remediate prior to data submission

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