Healthcare Industry Shift Results in Savings

October 20, 2016

Medicare's Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) Program Shows Progress

2nd round of CPC shared savings results were released on October 17th. CMS announced 95% of practices met quality of care requirements with more than half regions sharing in savings with CMS providing care for 2.7m patients. The savings totaled $57.7m in gross savings in Part A and B expenditures. 

CPC practices showed positive improvements in quality and happier patients - 2 key performance areas for value based care delivery. In addition, CPC practices’ performance on electronic clinical quality measures were better than national benchmarks, particularly on preventive health measures. BTW there is added value in conducting preventive screenings: the establishment of a base line of patient data. This data guides care planning for the patient and risk planning for the population.

These early positive outcomes is sure to increase the pace of transition from fee-for-service to value based healthcare models. It is not too late to participate in value based healthcare programs. Medicare, as well as, the commercials are sure to continue the development of programs that entice providers to partner in the transition to value based healthcare. 

The shift requires providers to implement an operational framework that utilizes technology, improves clinical outcomes, and reduces costs all at the same time. Is your healthcare system in a position to succeed?

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