Whittle Advisors Chosen To Speak @ International Chinese Medical Association Conference

May 10, 2016

We are all familiar with the phrase "Business is Global". This sentiment is no less true in healthcare. Healthcare providers world-wide are seeking to solve similar problems: improve individual care, improve population outcomes and control cost. Managing healthcare data is key to positively  impacting the Triple Aim mentioned above.  

Information Governance, the management of data,  is not a new concept for healthcare. In fact, legacy analytics companies have been around for decades - doing great work. (I am honored to have worked with super-smart statisticians and data scientists in my career.) However, the demand for front-line operational resources to access and use data is driving the demand for knowledge sharing and skill development in Information Governance.

We are excited to be invited by the Chinese Medical Association to participate in the global discussion on Digital Health Information Management. Our topic is   A Strategic Approach to Leveraging Governance – Drive Value, Avoid Risk and Maintain Control. Learning objectives and overview are available here.

The conference is scheduled for June 2016 in Nanjing, China and includes the following tracks:

◆ Digital Engineering Technology Related to the Medicine

◆ The Clinical Application of Digital Diagnosis and Treatment Technology

◆ Digital Hospital Administration and Medical Education

◆ Medical Materials and Advanced Manufacture

◆ Application and Development of 3D Printing Technology in the Medical Field

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