Eliminate ACO Barriers


June 26, 2017

Eliminate ACO Barriers to Achieve Shared Savings Harvest

As many of you can attest, development of ACO is no simple task and given historical data - harvesting shared savings is turning out to be a monumental endeavor. In fact, only about 31% of MSSP participants have been able to reduce spending enough to qualify for shared savings.  Our research reveals focusing on the removal of 4 common barriers can improve ACO performance.

Support Clinical Transformation

The healthcare industry is in the middle of the biggest transformation in decades. This transition is gaining traction and accelerating across all care settings. The shift to value-based healthcare requires immediately beginning to transform practice, finance, and operations. Many providers, particularly those that are less experienced at systemic practice transformation, will need more support in undertaking clinical transformation. ACOs play a vital role in creating awareness, developing transition plans, monitoring progress and remediating lag and gaps. Survey data estimates the average start-up cost for creating an ACO to be $2 million. These high touch, intensive transition activities can increase costs. Be sure to partner with transition experts with proven experience. Whittle Advisors has secured over $3b in patient revenue in the last 4 years, driving healthcare transformation to achieve regulatory compliance.


Enhance and Improve Alignment of Performance Measures

Medicare ACOs must deliver high quality health care as determined by performance measures established by CMS. ACOs must meet performance benchmarks in order to capture shared savings. Quality measures ensure that accountable care organizations deliver high value, rather than simply cheaper, care. A number of barriers exist to achieving better performance measurement, including administrative burdens and concerns about measure selection. Reduce the burden of performance measurement through the use of an analytic engine that aggregates, analyzes, and produces gap lists to drive performance improvement through the use of cloud-based dashboards. At Whittle Advisors, our cost-effective dashboards and experts do the heavy lifting while you focus on removing other ACO barriers.


Increase Beneficiary Engagement

A key component of the healthcare industry transformation is patient engagement. We simply can’t achieve the management of populations without developing the ability to educate and influence our patients. We know health outcomes are determined by the patient’s ability and desire to follow prescribed therapies. Increasing patient engagement holds the potential to make patients more activated members of the ACO. Focus on improving patient engagement by adjusting attribution methods, develop pathways for patients to seek care within the ACO, and find opportunities to activate patient feedback. Consider holding patient focus groups and conducting patient satisfaction surveys to harvest insight on improvement opportunities. Engaging patients must become a cultural norm, which will require continuous improvement. Ask about our ability to increase your patient engagement and satisfaction scores.


Expand Team Effectiveness

Every healthcare organization is wrestling to balance transition & operational tasks with qualified resources to fill the demand. Often this results in demanding more than a FTE can produce. Oh, the problems this scenario can creates, including unplanned time off, team strife, disillusionment, etc. Avoid the damage caused by unrealistic workloads. Explore partnership with Whittle Advisors to ease the transition burden, reduce the cost of compliance, and expand the effectiveness of your internal teams.

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