HIMMS / WEDI ICD-10 reoccurring worries


August 25, 2015

HIMMS/WEDI ICD-10 reoccurring worries = tech glitches transferring data, overworked coders, and incomplete EHR document

Stemming from the HIMMS/WEDI ICD-10 national pilot program, key challenges linger through readiness surveys and discussions.  The reoccurring themes found throughout many hospitals and practices:

  • Coders mixing up similar letters and numbers
  • Technical glitches with uploading and transmission of documents
  • Overworked coders
  • Incomplete EHR documentation
  • Coders forgetting key aspects of ICD-10 not present in the ICD-9 code set

3 of the recurring themes speak to the risk associated with coding.  Shore up your coder education and morale by managing the impact of large-scale change.

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