Leverage CAC to Improve ROI


September 6, 2016

The healthcare industry has embraced Computer Aided Coding (CAC) as a means to improve coding accuracy and productivity. Many hospitals and health systems implemented prior to the ICD-10 go-live and some after, regardless of when the implementation took place, many find the ROI not quite what they expected. 

Take action to optimize the value of your CAC system through one (or more) of the following recommendations: 

  • Right size the number and priority of documents flowing into CAC
  • Improve the accuracy through template, header, and document standardization
  • Leverage CAC capability by utilizing software to drive Clinical Documentation Improvement and Quality functions 

Additional insights can be harvested from this month's Journal of AHIMA article titled "Winning the Coding Trifecta: CAC, CDI and ICD-10"*. 

The article dives into the value of adding CAC to Clinical Documentation Specialist workflow, shares the approach Munson Healthcare took to harvest value from their CAC implementation, and notes 6 vital questions for CAC vendors. 

Has your CAC implementation resulted in a positive ROI? Do you need an optimization? 

*Note: A subscription is required to access the article from journal.AHIMA.org.

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