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MACRA Flexibility Creates Complexity

Jump Start MACRA Success through a 2-Step Strategic Assessment

The final rule of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) contains several flexible options created by public comment and demand. This flexibility creates options that result in complexity for providers as they prepare to transition to one of two value-based payment models:

·      Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

·      Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

To navigate this complexity, Whittle Advisors offers an on-site MACRA Assessment to help providers prepare for the transition with customized, analytic-based guidance and strategic recommendations. 

This complexity requires development of a comprehensive strategy before effort begins. This transition doesn’t lend itself to the decide-as-we-go approach so often applied in technological change initiatives. There are simply too many operational and financial risks to begin without a clear strategy.

Step 1:  Analysis

Prior to our on-site meeting, our team will begin an assessment gathering data on the current technology, analytic, and operational norms. This analysis will allow us to deliver a comprehensive assessment of where the organization stands, with tailored recommendations for next steps.

Based on this information, our team will complete the following on behalf of your organization:

   MIPS & APM analysis

   Technology assessment

   Quality metric review for MACRA selection

   Resource use optimization analysis

   Provider eligibility analysis


Step 2:  Assessment Review & Strategy Launch

After the assessment phase, we will deliver the assessment results and begin the strategic plan development focusing on 4 key transition points: 

Awareness Raising:

We educate your team of executives and physicians on the emerging Medicare policies and protocols under MACRA, respond to questions and concerns to foster comprehensive understanding, and highlight where the law will have the most impact on your organization and business.

Current State Assessment:

We present findings and outcomes from the pre-meeting analysis and discuss performance gaps, considerations to guide metric and track selection, and whether or not APM is a worthwhile pursuit for those on the fence.

Strategy Discussion:

We facilitate a strategy discussion with a select group of senior leadership, discussing our top recommendations for your organization, and tactical next steps to implement structural and operational changes for successful performance under MACRA.

Next Steps:

We review recommendations on resources, tasks and timelines associated with moving the transition forward. Consensus regarding the scope and pace of the initiatives is vital to successful outcomes.

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