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MACRA is the middle

To read the full article and see the statisics on what is happening in the Healthcare patient revenue space, please click HERE.  More providers will be penalized than will receive bonuses.

For questions about MACRA and how to secure your bonus, click HERE.

MACRA - 5 BIG Questions Answered

MACRA seems to raise more questions than answers, and providers are eager to understand the path forward. There is a maddening swirl of new acronyms joining an already confusing landscape of regulations and reporting changes. It all makes for a perfect storm of confusion in our industry. Sifting through the information is daunting to say the least. Join Kelly of Whittle Advisors as she answers some of the questions we’re hearing most frequently.

1. Why MACRA? Why now?

2. Does MACRA replace MU, PQRS, and VBM?

3. Are QPP/MACRA in danger if the ACA is repealed?

4. What are the key dates in the MACRA timeline to be aware of?

5. How can I minimize the strain of MACRA on my practice?

Do you have questions about MACRA?

Remain in Control of Patient Revenue - Action is Required!

PQRS weakness leads to MACRA win

Year of the Healthcare Industry Disruption

Will the 2016 Election have an Impact on Value-Based Healthcare Programs?

Framework For Managing Change

Technology Drives Efficiency in Healthcare

Internation Society Of Digital Medicine, Nanjing, China

Attendees gained insight on the four phases of information governance in order to assess, establish and implement information governance programs for their facilities. Speakers presented lessons learned from proven information governance programs - including benefit and return-on-investment. Speakers shared lessons learned from the facility, the regional, and national level.

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In these videos Kelly discusses what she saw at the China conference and the three key themes...

- Robots

- Advances in Technology

- Clinical Advances

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